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Welcome to my chimney sweep homepage

We are a professional chimney cleaning company that services Kamen and Bergkamen District "Unna 18" (Germany, North Rhine-Westphalia). Our certified sweeps have extensive experience with chimney cleaning. We are also offering video camera inspections.

Andreas Gärtner and his Dog

I wish you a lot of fun on my homepage and be assured of our qualities.


Fields of activity:

  • fire prevention,
  • safety,
  • environmental protection,
  • counselling

What is a chimney cleaning company?
Chimney cleaning companies are a professional service, which traditionally comes out to your residence or business to clean the chimneys.

Why do you look for one?
If you need our chimney cleaning service:

  • to keep your chimneys clean and safe
  • to prevent creosote buildup
  • to keep you from getting all covered in soot and ash
  • to keep you from going up on the roof
  • to give you a feeling of safety

then you consider us.


Chimney Fires

chimney fire

With ever-increasing fuel costs, heating with wood has again become very popular. But this increased use of wood-heating equipment brings with it the need for constant, careful attention to assure the safe and efficient use of this heat source.

Fireplaces and wood stoves are designed to safely contain wood-fueled fires, while providing heat for a home. The chimneys that serve them have the job of expelling the by-products of combustion - the substances given off when wood burns.

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Chimney Fires