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Example of a measuring report

1 Day of measurement.
2 Initial measurements, if selected.
3 Annually recurring measurement, if selected.
4 Repeated measurement, if selected.
Is the heater in the previous measure failed, so there is even a chance of a repeat measurement.
5 Description of the heating system, manufacturer, type, year of construction and Nominal
6 The amount of soot.
The amount of soot is only measured in the case of oil heating systems and provides the dust and soot content in the exhaust gas. It can be between 0 and 9 and may only be a max. of 1 in accordance with statutory guidelines. Please note: Soot impedes the transfer of heat to the heating system and increases the temperature of the exhaust gas. With just 1 mm of soot on the inner wall of the boiler you are burning money.
7 Oil derivatives
No oil derivatives, i.e. oil residues may be present in the exhaust gas.
8 Exhaust gas loss in %.
The higher the exhaust gas loss, the lower the amount of heat is gained from burning the fuel. That means: Higher heating costs and higher noxious emissions. The upper exhaust gas loss threshold of oil and gas heating systems is 11 %.
9 Heat carrier temperature in °C
General flow temperature; is entered in order to be able to make a comparison of the measurement results from various testers.
10 Combustion air temperature in °C.
The combustion air temperature is required in order to determine the exhaust gas loss.
11 Exhaust gas temperature in °C.
This is only necessary to calculate exhaust gas loss. Low exhaust gas temperature means low exhaust gas loss. Modern gas condensation systems only have an exhaust gas temperature of about 50 °C
12 Oxygen - carbon dioxide - content in volume%.
Either the proportion of residual oxygen or carbon dioxide measured.
13 Pressure difference in hPa.
Better known as chimney flue, it identifies the operating conditions.
14 The measurement corresponds to the regulation, if selected.
Even if the heater is in order, worth the search for potential savings.
15 The measurement does not correspond to the regulation, if selected.
16 Pointing out
what to do if the plant is not in order






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