Smoke detectors save lives. Make your home safe. -



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Smoke detectors save lives. Make your home safe.

Wake up

Anybody may be hit by a fire in the home. Often it will develop unnoticed for some time. Within seconds smoke will be spreading through your home and turn into a deadly threat. If this is happening during the night, you won’t even wake up. Smoke detectors give you that life-saving advantage.


This is how smoke detectors work:

Smoke detectors make use of the schematic diagram how a smoke detector works scattered-light principle (yellow). Inside the smoke detector there is a so-called smoke box. This smoke box contains light-emitting diodes (LEDs) which send out light rays at regular intervals. If smoke gets into the box (Raucheintritt), the light rays are scattered and deflected onto a photo lens. The detector then identifies the smoke and sets off an alarm signal which will continue until the smoke box is clear of smoke again.


Installation in a house with several storeys:

For minimum protection (red M):

  • one smoke detector per corridor, children’s room and bedroom

For optimum protection (blue O):

  • smoke detectors in the living rooms, hobby rooms, kitchens with extractor hoods, attic, boiler room

Special protection:

  • smoke detectors with muting for the kitchen


This applies correspondingly to apartment buildings and rented flats.


How many smoke detectors do you need?

You should install at least one smoke detector in a central position on optimum and minimum protection for smoke detectors each floor, e.g. in the corridor. One further detector should be placed in each bedroom and children’s room as well as in the basement and the attic, if at all possible. Optimum protection is provided by additional detectors in the sitting room and the home office. Special detectors should be installed in the kitchen and the bathroom. In these rooms steam may easily set off false alarms. Therefore you should choose detectors that can be muted. It should be possible to hear the alarm signal clearly from wherever you are in the house. The smoke detector should in principle always be fitted at the ceiling in the centre of the room.



When buying a smoke detector you should bear in mind:

Specialised retail shops, DIY outlets and department stores offer a wide range of high-quality smoke detectors. Make sure the detectors you are going to buy correspond to the European DIN EN 14604 standard. The following quality features are important:

  • optical or photo-electrical detection process

  • loud, piercing alarm signal (85 dBA at a distance of 3 metres)

  • test key for checking the functions

More sophisticated smoke detectors may be interconnected via cable or wireless and can be operated on a 230 volt mains voltage. The advantage: all detectors will set off an alarm signal as soon as one of them identifies smoke. There are also special smoke detectors for deaf and hearing impaired people. Ask your local supplier.


Check the detectors regularly

Make sure that your smoke detectors are in good working order and will work properly when the situation arises. Check them every month by pressing the test key. Never paint them over or paste something on them or cover them in any other way. Dust the devices regularly once a year. All high-quality smoke detectors will come with comprehensive operating instructions giving detailed information on how to mount and operate the device.


Important – please note:

  • Always use long-life batteries
  • Replace flat batteries immediately



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